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Our Services

CFO ReStart, LLC is a CFO service company jumpstarting companies with revenues of $2MM to $25MM to maximum shareholder value and profit. This is accomplished by simplifying accounting operations, instituting best practices and process, incorporating strategy, focus and budgets, and solving complex financial and accounting challenges. The company’s founding principle is to restructure or outsource financial operations to give clients more time to focus on the much more important contribution they make to the world in the product or service they bring to the marketplace. CFO ReStart also helps businesses owners to incorporate strategy and budget to their financials as a way to build growth opportunities and increase shareholder earnings and profits.

Accounting Operations

We make sure financial information is timely, accurate and relevant. And, we go beyond...

Many small business owners spend their time passionately driving their revenue goals and in that quest, don't have time to prepare or review their monthly financials. We solve that problem by making sure financial information is timely, accurate and relevant. And, we go beyond by helping our clients understand the impact of their changing financial ratios and how fine tuning these ratios can lead to solid financial returns.

Instituting Best Practices and Processes

We can completely outsource your accounting operation, augment your existing staff with the talent your team has been missing and more.

Most of us have had a class in accounting in college but one thing we haven't all been exposed to is how tried and true best practices and having the right finance team with the proper training in place can simplify the monthly financial process and enable the timeliness and accuracy of the data to be improved significantly. At CFO ReStart, we can completely outsource your accounting operation, augment your existing staff with the talent your team has been missing or bring your existing staff up to speed with the training, processes, systems and procedures they have been lacking. It all starts with a comprehensive evaluation of what you need.

Forecasting and Budgets

We not only help our clients to prepare projections and budgets but we help them to understand and use these tools in ways that grow their cash flow.

Small business owners need to have their fingers on the pulse beat of their cash flow. It is the life line of any small business. By projecting trends in revenue and expenses, small business owners can predict, plan and mitigate cash flow dips and soaring expenses. We not only help our clients to prepare projections and budgets but we help them to understand and use these tools in ways that grow their cash flow.

Strategy and Focus

We provide our clients with everything from dashboarding to due diligence packages for angel investors.

As seasoned entrepreneurs that have successfully run, bought and sold small businesses over the last 25 years, we know how strategy and focus make a difference. We provide our clients with everything from dashboarding to due diligence packages for angel investors. Our top shelf banking contacts help our clients obtain competitive financing. Business plans and business strategy development and implementation is our wheel house. We also have a design team and mobile application and cloud resource that sets us apart from our competition.

Family CFO Services

Many families are so busy in this fast paced, challenging world that having a little help with bill payment, budgeting and family finances is just what they need to help them get ahead.

Forensic Accounting Services

Our highly trained staff of fraud experts can help business owners to investigate fraud and embezzlement. We are instrumental in enabling partners to verify that their financial assets have not been compromised by other partners and couples facing divorce to ensure that marital assets have not been diverted to personal gain of one of the members of the couple.


Because we work on client site and in the accounting field every day and we’ve had experience doing so for decades, we are uniquely qualified to help you find the best resource for your dollar.

Interim CFO, Controllers and Bookkeepers

When your company is in need of someone to fill in on a project or while a staff member is out of the office on maternity leave or FMLA, or most often, when a position at your firm is open because the staff member has left employment, we can provide well trained staff to supplement your team. The best part is most of the time, we can send someone tomorrow if you call today.

Start Ups

We have packages for start ups with affordable prices and predictable costs. Click here for a menu of services offered.

Why People Choose Us

Wendy Biava, CPA, CGFM, is a serial entrepreneur that knows small business. Biava graduated with honors from the University of Maryland, University College with a B.S. in Business and Management with An Emphasis in Accounting graduated in 3 1/2 years while working full-time. She passed the Certified Public Accountant exam in 1991 (at first sitting) and became a Certified Government Financial Manager in 2007.

  • Experience

    Biava has a variety of experience working at all levels of business and in many different industries. Biava ran her own successful CPA firm from 1999 until she sold it in 2009 to focus on her software companies. Kessell, along with her business partners, has grown Mobomo, LLC (cloud, mobile applications and websites) from $700K (2011) to a projected $15MM (2017) in revenue. Mobomo serves customers including NASA, Mars Candy, US Department of the Navy and Gallup. Mobomo was THE company that powered the NASA Solar Eclipse Livestream that was broadcast to four times as many people as the Super Bowl this year. Mobomo was just recognized for the 5th year in a row as an Inc 5000 award winner and has received countless other industry accolades since it launched in 2011. Mobomo is a client of CFO ReStart and Kessell runs Mobomo’s security program. Kessell was instrumental in facilitating the growth of Altum, Inc. (grants management) from $300K to $14MM (2014) in revenue serving customers like National Institutes of Health, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association; Kessell sold her shares in the company in 2017. Kessell is also Managing Partner of Dimora Enterprises, Inc. which is a fledgling commercial real estate concern.

  • Award Winning

    Wendy Biava has been recognized as a seasoned professional and been the recipient of many awards. One of these was the coveted Smart CEO Magazine Executive Management Award. This program recognizes the leadership and accomplishments of the region’s management all-stars — CFOs, CIOs/CTOs and COOs that uphold the highest ethics, lead collaboratively and creatively, and enhance and support the organization’s mission. Kessell was also recognized as a winner of SmartCEO Magazine’s Smart CFO Award. Her fellow finalists selected her as the “Valedictorian” Smart CFO, top of her class.

  • Dedicated Team

    At CFO ReStart, our team LOVES challenges. The bigger the financial mess that's brought to us, the happier we are. It's our opportunity to show you what we can do and to make HUGE improvements to your financial procedures and processes at the same time as we are inputting your transactions, reconciling your accounts, preparing financial statements and formulating strategy, budgets and long term plans with you!



I have known Wendy for eight years as her business associate/partner and friend. Wendy is great! She is a very energetic go-getter, who is always working to improve things she is involved with. Just recently, she managed to get elected to the Board of Directors of our Condo Association, and connect me with a large real estate investor, whom I have been wanting to meet with. Wendy is one of those people who gets things done and makes things happen. I know Wendy is completely devoted and focused on CFO ReStart, LLC and I sincerely think anyone who decided to work with her will be making a great decision.

Eric Ragantesi
President of Hunter Roofing Corp

Wendy gets things done. She is a finisher. She combined strategic thinking with lightning fast execution.

Barg Upender
CEO and Founder of Mobomo

I’ve known and worked with Wendy for almost two decades. She was an instrumental part of Altum’s executive team as the company grew to $14M in revenue. You won’t find a more loyal, hard-working, talented and responsive person than Wendy. Wendy has the ability to wear multiple hats in an organization from operations, finance to marketing, sales and strategy. She is a multi-faceted executive that can help any size organization.

Steve Pinchotti
Entrepreneur, CEO of Altum

Wendy Biava (and CFO ReStart) has been a great help to our small business. We're a month in and we're already getting a clearer financial picture of our company, which is also helping us set a better course moving forward. It's also important to note that Wendy has been helpful beyond the numbers, whether it's reviewing contracts, health plans or other related matters. Running a business is hard, but it's important, (and quite frankly a relief) to be able to turn to Wendy to get the answers we've long needed to know.

Marc Silverstein
CEO of On The Marc Media

I don’t think you should interview other CFO Vendors. Wendy has done stellar work for other companies where I have recommended her. I think you would be hard pressed to find more hustle and competency for the dollar. I don’t believe she locks people into engagements so if for any reason it doesn’t work out or fit your needs, then you can move on.

Jamie Mcintyre
Rewire Capital, Founder and CEO

We have been working with Wendy to do some forecasting, budgeting, and investor reporting. Wendy is great to work with- she is efficient and knowledgeable, and her approaches are quite effective. She works quickly and accurately, and always meets deadlines. I highly recommend her.

Rachel Ratliff-Carleton
Vice President of Operations

When I was first referred to Wendy, it was to help our company as a part-time bookkeeper. She did such an amazing job that as the company grew, she because our full time CFO and Office Manager. She spearheaded all of our accounting and finance as well as HR and office management. As such, Wendy is my go-to CFO and she has assisted me with two other companies as CFO, accounting and finance consultant, filling in even eclectic roles like our facility security officer. Wendy is unbelievably reliable and always gets the job done. You cannot go wrong if you get her on your team.

Ken Fang
Entrepreneur, President of Mobomo

CFO Restart was a tremendous asset to the stability of our company. We have been fortunate to have grown a great deal in the last five years, and have discovered a new set of challenges and a necessary level of sophistication that we were just not prepared for. Wendy and her team did a deep penetration of our accounting works to find our errors and correct them. She also developed repeatable policies and procedures for my accounting team that are imperative for a company of our new larger size. She worked quickly, efficiently, and was judicious with her time. Coming out the other end, my comfort level is much greater on our financial health and compliance.

Sean Welch
Principal of H&B Engineered Products, Inc.

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